International Tax

WILG lawyers are highly skilled at developing effective tax strategies to meet the diverse needs of multinational corporations, closely held corporations (and their owners), foreign taxpayers and those involved in cross-border transactions.

The complicated structures of global business transactions involve ever more complex and critical tax implications. Successful international business planning requires a thorough understanding of the tax implications of international and cross-border transactions. WILG attorneys have vast experience in addressing tax implications of the most intricate and complex international transactions.

With extensive expertise in international tax matters, we structure international business transactions to minimize worldwide tax liability and maximize the benefits of international treaties and foreign tax credits for our clients. Combining advanced tax planning and execution with a deep legal understanding of the consequences of our advice allows us to drive precise implementation of international tax structures.

WILG provides comprehensive international tax planning advice and representation in a variety of areas, including the following:

    • Cross-border merger, acquisition, divestiture and restructuring transactions
    • International joint venture, partnership and LLC transactions
    • Transfer pricing planning
    • Related-party transactions
    • Foreign tax credit maximization
    • International financing
    • Corporate recapitalizations
    • Tax withholdings
    • Source and character of income analysis
    • Tax treaties
    • Foreign taxes
    • Global tax minimization strategies
    • Outbound investment from the U.S. into non-U.S. jurisdictions
    • Inbound investments into the U.S.
    • Tax-effective use of offshore corporate structures