Federal Corporate Tax

WILG offers a full-service approach to planning, structuring, implementing and resolving a wide range of tax-related matters pertaining to both routine transactions and extraordinary, critical circumstances.

We have substantial practical experience in all aspects of corporate income tax law. Whether determining the most appropriate type of entity for a new business or the best approach for purchasing, selling or reorganizing an existing business, we structure the transaction to create the most optimal tax impact while attaining the clients’ business goals.

WILG attorneys assist clients with a variety of tax-related challenges connected to their broad business objectives, specific transactions and individual needs. We often help clients to identify, prepare for and ameliorate tax issues that they had not anticipated in their initial preparations.

We regularly advise clients in the following areas:

    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Divestitures and spin-offs
    • Tax-free and taxable corporate reorganizations
    • Tax-free and taxable transfer, disposition and exchange
    • Offering and restructuring debt, equity and hybrid instruments
    • Like-kind exchanges
    • Choice of entity
    • Liquidation and dissolution of corporate entities
    • Analysis of various alternatives for terminating or liquidating a business venture